Building a stable blood supply is a community effort as there is a constant need for this lifesaving product. While there is a critical need for all blood types, one product in particular is always in high demand-platelets.

This product is referred to as liquid gold due to its yellowish tint but it is also vital for patients who need this product. Often times it is cancer patients as their treatments can affect platelet counts. This product is also always in need due to its short shelf life of 5 to 7 days.

Platelet donors Alexandra Koplovsky and Ceriana Carnevale.

Two young platelet donors are sharing their story in hopes of inspiring others to take some me time and donate this amazing blood product to help those in need.

Close friends Alexandra Koplovsky and Ceriana Carnevale started donating in high school and have each already donated over one gallon of blood.

Alexandra tells RIBC that while she was nervous to donate her first time, she is happy she made the leap.

“I had no idea what I was going to be like, how I was going to react to it. Afterwards I was so happy, it was such a great experience, and I was like, I want to do this more.”

Alex grew up being inspired to donate as her mother is a loyal donor and she saw firsthand how blood could help a loved one.

“This past summer my grandma needed a blood transfusion of whole blood.”

Ceriana was also inspired to give donating a shot after a fellow student was in need.

“So just an accumulation of knowing people around me who have had cancer, and I don’t know whether or not they receive platelet donations, but just knowing that, like, you can do something to help other people”

Ceriana told us she and Alexandra made the switch to become platelet donors after learning about the impacts and need at our High School Heroes event.

“And so we were like, you know what? Why not? Let’s try it.”

Donating platelets is a time commitment but Ceriana and Alexandra tells RIBC they look at it as a positive because it allows them to spend more time together and catch up.

Alex: “I guess just the fact that it’s like, so easy and that there’s really like no consequences. Like, yes, maybe I’m a little tired for the rest of that day, but it’s always fun. And grab a friend.”

Ceriana: “…platelets, you can donate a little more often. The amazing staff always keeps us coming back, and it’s also really nice that I’m able to donate with Alex. I definitely recommend for like high school students to go with a friend. So you have someone, you have that buddy system.”

Both tell RIBC they are happy to do their part and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

“But just thinking about like the effect that you’re able to have for just sitting and doing nothing for two hours, it’s crazy to think about. There’s so many people it helps.”

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