This partnership comes at a vital time as the region is currently experiencing a blood emergency

Every second counts when saving lives.

RHODE ISLAND- Today, Rhode Island Blood Center (RIBC) announced a blood emergency following a summer of low donor turnout. Contributing to the shortage are the recent Labor Day holiday, back-to-school activities, and a prolonged 50% decrease in youth and first-time donors.

RIBC also announced a partnership with 3x Olympian and Rhode Island native Elizabeth Beisel. As a team, RIBC and Elizabeth hope to inspire youth and first-time donors to roll up their sleeves and give donating a try.

3x Olympian and Rhode Island native Elizabeth Beisel in a Rhode Island Blood Center shirt.
3x Olympian and Rhode Island native Elizabeth Beisel

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce my partnership with Rhode Island Blood Center”, said Elizabeth Beisel, 3x Olympian. “This collaboration holds immense significance as it highlights the vital importance of blood donations and the frequent demand for these lifesaving contributions.”

RIBC and Elizabeth are launching this collaboration to educate the community on the need for all types of blood donors. If everyone who is eligible to donate blood commits to making this lifesaving act once a year, we could end future blood shortages.

“Elizabeth knows first-hand how every second counts in the pool. That mindset also matters when it comes to saving lives”, said Caitlin Grimaldi-Flick, Marketing and Communications Manager for Rhode Island Blood Center. “The sustained loss of youth and first-time donors and fewer organizations hosting blood drives are all combining to have a devastating impact on our local blood supply and the nation’s blood supply. It is vital that we have blood and blood products available to ensure they can receive treatment when patients need it.”

The mission to help save lives in our community is a cause close to Elizabeth’s heart. Her late father was a loyal blood donor with RIBC.

Elizabeth added, “Before my father’s courageous battle with cancer, he selflessly donated over six gallons of blood to Rhode Island Blood Center. His dedication to this cause has left an indelible mark on my heart. Thus, joining forces with this organization holds a deeply personal resonance, allowing me to honor my father’s remarkable legacy while making a profound impact on countless lives.”

MEDIA OPPORTUNITY – Tuesday, September 19: Elizabeth, along with RIBC representatives, will be available to speak with media at RIBC’s Warwick Donor Center (615 Greenwich Ave) on Tuesday September 19th at 9:30am.

The region’s blood supply is well below the optimal 5-7 days and while all blood types are needed, types O+, O-, B- and platelets are critically low. RIBC and Elizabeth value community,
and there is no greater partnership than working together to help local patients in need of this lifesaving product.

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