One of the most common needs for blood is for those who undergo or have complications from surgery. That was the case for Rosa Perez. She needed several units of blood back in 2015. Rosa recently spoke with Rhode Island Blood Center on how volunteer donors played a role in saving her life.

Rosa was rushed to the hospital after suffering complications from a hysterectomy. She tells RIBC she was experiencing severe headaches, blood clots and weakness. When she got to the hospital that is when she learned she needed blood.

“The attending Doctor just looked at me and said I needed 5 units of blood. I then had to stay in the hospital for five days.” 

Every 2 seconds someone is in need of blood and one in seven people who enter the hospital will need this lifesaving product.

For Rosa, the experience was a frightening one. However, she credits those blood transfusions with saving her life.

“Having the blood transfusion helped me get back on track to recovery. My blood count had gone up from being in the single digits to the double digits.”

Rosa decided to share her story after hearing of the critical blood supply issues from her sister who is the mobiles manager at RIBC. She hopes by sharing her story, others will learn the importance of a stable blood supply and need for blood donors.

“After recovery, I donated a few times and told my friends and family about how donating blood could save lives. It could even save your own life if you need it.”

Donating blood takes less than an hour of someone’s time. Rosa has a very simple message to those who are considering donating but are perhaps a little hesitant.

“I would encourage them to donate because it will save lives. Look at me, I’m a survivor.”

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