Kristina Martin plays an important role in helping Rhode Island Blood Center accomplish their goal in ensuring

a safe blood supply. She is not only a loyal donor, but also helps coordinate blood drives held at East Providence High School.

For Kristina, the efforts are personal. In addition to working at EPHS, she is also a registered nurse at The Miriam Hospital, working on the oncology/hematology floor. She has seen first-hand how blood products can help patients. “The blood center/ hospitals rely on blood products and many people are unaware of the significant blood shortage.”

“Local drives make it convenient for people to donate while still being close to home.”

Her front line experience got Kristina thinking about how she can get students involved while also teaching them the importance of blood donations.

“…they are the future of donation.”

Kristina says the school blood drive is a learning moment all around. “The Health Occupation students go out of their way during advisory and WIN block time to go to other classrooms to educate, present and promote the drives at school.” The hope is this will provide the students with the background to continuously promote blood drives and donations in the future.

Kristina also praises RIBC Account Manager Sarah Perez for helping to build a solid partnership.

“Hosting a drive is so much FUN! The RIBC brings everything they need with them.”

She also gives credit to the drive staff who work to ensure all the donors have a positive experience. This includes the teachers as well who take time out of the school day to donate.

Kristina is now looking forward to the schools next drive at the end of September.