Susie, a mom of three from California, is battling leukemia while pregnant with twins. She urgently needs a blood stem cell transplant to survive. But like many patients of Hispanic heritage, Susie faces a unique challenge. She struggles to find a fully matched blood stem cell donor, even among a registry of 19 million potential donors in the U.S. and 30 million worldwide.

Patients are most likely to match someone of their same ethnic background, but only 7 percent of the Be The Match national registry are Hispanic. More diverse donors are needed to give more people what may be their one and only chance to live.

Susie is scheduled to deliver her twins on December 6. Help us rally around her and many others who need to find the match that could cure them!

Fast Facts:

  • 30 million donors worldwide and NOT ONE match for Susie.
  • YOU could be someone’s one and only chance to live!
  • Please, if you’re 18-44, register TODAY at
  • It’s just a cheek swab to start. If you match someone, it is NOT a scary process to donate. Most of the time it’s like giving blood!
  • You must be willing to donate to anyone you match when you join. 
  • Share this to help get more people to #SwabForSusie and #BeTheMatch for others!

More about becoming a marrow donor and joining the Be The Match registry.