Ways to Give

Heroes come in many forms from blood and marrow donors, to blood drive sponsors and those who encourage others to give. Find a way that works for you.

One blood donation from you can help save as many as three lives.

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Find out how you can sponsor a drive in your community to help save lives.

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Join the national marrow donor registry. Be the match that could cure someone.

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Rhode Island Blood Center and New York Blood Center Join Forces

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 11:07

RI Blood Center and NY Blood Center partner to create the largest state-of-the-art infections disease testing laboratory in the Northeastern United States bringing jobs to RI. Read more »

Blood Drives a Chance to Give Back, Build Morale

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 14:45

Sponsoring blood drives at your organization provides a chance to build morale and give back. 

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Giving 101

You may have questions and even some common misconceptions about donating blood. Get the facts, and let us walk you through it.

Can I donate?

Many people think they cannot donate blood before they even try. That's often because of myths like being too old, taking medications, or having a physical condition that prevents donation. In most cases, it's not true! More often than not, you can donate even if you've recovered from a heart attack, cancer, have diabetes, or are taking many different types of medications. Get the facts. Our medical team can also confidentially answer specific questions you have about donating.

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Where can I donate?

For a small state, there are plenty of opportunities to save lives. We have six blood donation centers conveniently located throughout Rhode Island. Each offers maximum donor comfort, including comfortable donation lounge chairs, TV, free WIFI and parking. The state-of-the-Art automated blood donation technology allows donors to give just the part of their blood -- red cells, platelets or plasma -- patients need the most based on the donor's blood type. In addition, we hold over 1,000 mobile blood drives out in the community each year.

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Why should I donate?

Over 370,000 people in Rhode Island are eligible to give blood, but only about 5 of the population actually donates. Giving life through blood and stem cell donations uniquely comes from you and your willingness to roll up your sleeve to donate blood, register to BeTheMatch and sponsor drives. 

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What is it like to donate?

The one thing each donor experience has in common is the amazing feeling of knowing you just gave someone else a second chance at life. More than time or money, you are donating your lifeblood, a part of you that provides strength, energy and vitality to another human being in need. 

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Be a Hero

Providing blood and blood products to patients in need takes a sustained community effort between volunteer blood donors, blood drive sponsors, hospitals, and the Rhode Island Blood Center. Despite great medical advances, there is still no artificial substitute for blood. It can only come from people willing to roll up their sleeves and lend their arms to save lives. Ensuring a safe, plentiful and cost-effective blood supply is our mission. You are the reason we have been able to carry it out for over 35 years.

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