Donate Blood, Plant Trees, Save Lives!

In October 2022, Rhode Island Blood Center teamed up with Forestmatic. Over 150,000 trees were planted in Uganda to help in the fight against climate change. 

All presenting donors from April 20th through 25th will have the chance to receive a unique ID code to track the progress of those trees.

    Visit Forestmatic to track the progress with your unique ID code!

    What impact does planting trees really have?

    • Planting trees to offset carbon footprints of products and services sold.
    • Reforestation – growing where it matters to counter climate change on a global scale.
    • Providing the necessary infrastructure to generate green impact.
    • Educating local communities on tree planting and community working.
    • Supporting local communities, farmers and families with income generation.
    • Building a network of communities on national and international scales.

    To learn more about the program as a whole, click here!