About Me

My name is Someone Else, and just about the first thing anybody notices about me is that I’m literally always donating blood. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’m just a normal person who donates blood constantly.

It doesn’t much get in the way of work or my family life, although hopefully I’ll be able cut down a bit this year.

People in Rhode Island need a lot of donated blood. More than 75,000 pints a year. About 200 pints a day. It goes to help all kinds of people, from cancer patients to accident victims. And someone’s got to donate it. 

The Rhode Island Blood Center made a few videos about my life. Isn’t that wild?

This is my story.

I don’t understand why some people prefer jogging alone.

Sometimes I go through half the morning before realizing that I missed a button.

It’s easy to organize a blood drive in your office, even when you’re already donating.

As a family, we eat our share of iron-rich foods.

I like donating blood, but supplying it for everyone in the state can get a little overwhelming. Want to help me out? It’s pretty easy. It takes less than an hour and they give you cookies and juice. Get info.