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Convalescent Plasma Journey

As of Saturday, March 20, the Rhode Island Blood Center will be pausing collections of convalescent plasma. Fortunately, with more people getting vaccinated each day and hospitalizations continuing to decline, the current supply of convalescent plasma is sufficient to meet the needs of patients and hospitals. We are hopeful that the vaccination rates will continue to reduce the need for this product, but we stand ready to resume collections if necessary. 

The Rhode Island Blood Center began collecting convalescent plasma in April of 2020 at the height of the pandemic. We facilitated 767 convalescent plasma donations that resulted in over 1,900 units of plasma. Through New York Blood Center Enterprises, our family of blood centers, we collect nearly 100,000 donations that were distributed to more than 40 states and to several other countries. This would not have been possible without a giving community of donors who recovered from COVID-19 and were willing to share their plasma to help someone else who was fighting for their life.

We are grateful to all of our donors for their support and encourage you to become blood donors. Our region has faced chronic blood shortages throughout the pandemic and blood donations are still very much needed.  

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Rhode Island's first convalescent plasma donation was made on 4/15/2020