Urgent Need in U.S. for Blood & Platelet Donors

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 14:21
Urgent Need for Blood Donors

Sometimes when we ask you to "Help Someone Else," it's for anyone in the United States needing blood and platelets to fight for their life!

Critical Need for Blood & Platelet Donations in United States

Two weeks ago, the Rhode Island Blood Center put out a community all for more blood donors to help our sister blood centers that were experiencing shortages due to sub-zero temperatures, as well as cold/flu outbreaks throughout the U.S. These combined factors made for a perfect storm resulting in an urgent need for more donors everywhere.

Almost two weeks later and as of February 11, our sister blood centers are still struggling to meet blood and platelet donation collection goals for patients and hospitals. This is due to continued ice and snow storms, which result in canceled blood drives and fewer donors able to get out to give in addition to cold/flu season impacting donor turnout. 

Rhode Island donors are needed, especially over the next two weeks, to help bring the U.S. blood supply up to safe levels. Please give if you are eligible and share this post to help spread the word. 

ALL BLOOD TYPES ARE NEEDED, especially type O- and B-. Ultimately, all donations are heading to help someone else fighting for their lives! Little Rhody may be small, but we have big hearts and an amazing, giving community.

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