Las Vegas Nevada Response

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 14:56

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas this morning.

The Rhode Island Blood Center is part of the national organizations (AABB and BCA) that help manage and mobilize blood product needs throughout the United States. We have reached out to Blood Centers of America, and right now, the hospitals in Nevada DO NOT have an immediate need for additional blood products from Rhode Island. If that changes, they will request products. The trauma centers have been able to receive what they need from other centers in the area, and local blood donors in Nevada are lining up to help replenish supplies. RI Blood Center has, on many occasions, responded to needs throughout the U.S. through these organizations, including the Boston Marathon bombing, the Pulse Night Club shooting, and areas affected by hurricane Harvey, to name just a few. 

Because blood takes two days to process, the blood used to help the shooting victims was given by regular blood donors in the days and weeks prior to this morning's tragic events. What happened in Nevada is, once again, a senseless act and sobering reminder of how important it is for people to donate blood every single day and for blood centers like ours to maintain a steady and strong blood supply at all times for local area hospitals and beyond.

Your blood donations are always needed to help someone else. Don't wait for tragedy to strike. By then, it is too late to give for everyone who needs it right away.