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When I was a little girl I use to always go with my Mom while she donated blood. She was one of those ALL givers, getting mugs and prizes for the gallons she gave out of her pint-sized frame. I couldn't wait to eat the Oreos and Lorna Doone cookies they would give her after -- the real reason I'd tag along;)

In 1998, I decided to donate blood at my high school's blood drive (RIBC has it on record). Well, it didn't work out because I was so anxious and stressed on the table that I couldn't fill a bag of blood...so I gave up my efforts in fear and embarrasment. I was very sad :( because I wanted to be just like Glo Shaf and help.

(Hint: See Get Ready for Your Donation for the best possible experience!)

Fast forward ot 2016: A few months back I did a research study where I had to regularly get blood taken out. Because of that experience, I finally felt confident that I could donate blood without stressing out, and that happened TODAY. I gave at Moses Brown School, and loved my juice and cookies as much as when I was little. 

I overcame my fear and gave a full bag of BLOOD!!! :) :) :)

Since my mom cannot donate anymore, I can now keep up the tradition that helps save lives.

Thank you to all the awesome staff who tirelessly work at the RI Blood Center, and a good job to Nurse Lina from Colombia who did a smooth job pricking my arm and keeping me comfortable.

~ Dorna N. Shafaee-Moghadam