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On October 2, 2019, the Rhode Island Blood Center received an urgent order from Hartford Hospital for blood products to help the survivors of the WWII B-17 plane crash at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.

We want to say thank you. It is only because of regular blood donors that we had enough blood on the shelves to quickly deliver 100 units of Type O red blood cells, as well as units of Type A fresh frozen plasma.

It takes two days of testing and processing donated blood before it can be given to patients. Tragedies like this cannot always be prevented and we never know when they will happen. However, because of regular blood donors, we can be ready when they do. 

Our thoughts are with all involved -- from the crash victims, their families and friends, to the first responders on scene and the medical teams involved in caring for the surviving passengers. Our gratitude to our blood doors for allowing us to fulfill our mission is immense.