Zika Virus Update

Fri, 03/25/2016 - 20:44
Zika Virus

In accordance with FDA recommendations, blood donors who have recently travelled to a Zika virus affected area should wait 28 days from the time they returned to the U.S. to donate blood. For a current and complete list of affected areas, visit the Centers For Disease Control website. Our medical staff are happy to help answer any further questions about the donation deferral period and can be reached at 401-453-8307. 

Zika Do's and Don'ts

Do Not Donate Blood if IN THE LAST 4 WEEKS:

  1. You traveled to any area that has active Zika transmissions.
  2. You have felt ill (fever, pink eye, rash and/or joint/muscle aches) after traveling to an area with active Zika transmissions.
  3. Females only:  You had sex with a male who recently (within 3 months) had Zika infection or was in an area with active Zika transmissions.


  1. Make an extra effort to donate if you can and encourage your friends to do the same in order to help offset potential deferrals.
  2. ​Give before you go! If you are planning to travel to a Zika affected area, visit one of our six blood centers to donate before you go. 

If you have questions regarding whether or not you can donate, call the Rhode Island Blood Center's donor education staff at 401-453-8307. They can answer specific questions confidentially.