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HemaConnect Is Here!

With the HemaConnect Donor Portal you can:

✅ find all blood drives and centers convenient for you
✅ schedule appointments
✅ track donation history
✅ update your personal information and more

Accessing DONOR PORTAL for the first time:

1. Open your Internet Browser and go to: www.ribc.org/donor

> Select CREATE ONE NOW.  Enter First and Last Name EXACTLY as it appears on your  Donor ID card.

  • Please omit spaces in your name. If your last name is Mc Donald, please enter it without spaces. Like this: McDonald (unless your name explicitly appears with the spaces on your donor ID card). If your donor ID card shows a middle initial, you will need to include your middle initial in the first name field. Example: John P

2. To link your new donor profile to your existing donation history, simply enter your Donor ID# and click register.

We've Got You!
If you have any questions or problems, our Customer Service Team is happy to jump in and help. Call 401-453-8383 or by email customerservice@ribc.org

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