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The Parentage and Relationship Testing Laboratory at the Rhode Island Blood Center has been assisting individuals with questions about parentage since 1984. Our Laboratory is AABB accredited and we are the only accredited Relationship Testing Laboratory in New England. 

What is parentage testing or DNA Testing?

Parentage Testing is a DNA-based test that identifies factors that are inherited from each parent. By comparing the DNA factors present in a child and a putative (alleged) parent, it is possible to tell if they are truly parent and child. Parentage testing is often referred to as “paternity testing”, since it is usually the father of a child who is in question. “Maternity testing” or “sibling testing” may also be performed.

Can you Prove Parentage?

DNA analysis is a well established, trusted, accurate and legally conclusive testing method. To have a more tangible idea of the reliability and accuracy of this test, you need to know that the same test principle is utilized in forensic medicine by crime scene investigators (CSI) across the world. To be able to perform this test reliably, our laboratory personnel have been extensively trained and our laboratory is nationally accredited for Relationship Testing by the AABB. 

What determines whether we have an inclusion (the individual is related to child) or an exclusion (the individual is not related to child)?

We compare up to 20 STR DNA test results from the tested individuals, which makes this test sufficient to prove with almost absolute certainty whether a relationship exists between the tested individuals The STR DNA test is commonly used for immigration purposes. The United States Department of Homeland Security and United States Embassies throughout the world may require documentation of the relationship between a resident of the United States and a family member in a foreign country who wishes to immigrate to America. Parentage Testing (STR DNA Testing) may be required to prove the stated relationship. 

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