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HLA Testing

Histocompatibility Laboratory

The Histocompatibility (HLA) Laboratory at Rhode Island Blood Center provides human leukocyte antigen testing and is an ASHI and CLIA accredited laboratory.

Services available include:


  1. HLA Matched/Compatible Platelets
  2. Antibody Screening
  3. TRALI Testing
  4. HLA Disease Association Examples
    • Ankylosing spondylitis
    • Celiac Disease
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Narcolepsy
    • Birdshot Chorioretinopathy
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Other Markers
  5. HLA-Associated Drug Sensitivity
    • Abacavir Hypersensitivity
    • Allopurinol-SCAR Hypersensitivity
    • Carbamazepine
    • Other Markers
  6. HLA Antisera available for purchase

Transplant Clinical Testing

  1. Molecular low and high resolution HLA typing for solid organ and bone marrow transplantation
  2. Anti-HLA antibodies identification
  3. Post-Transplant Donor Specific Antibody (DSA) Monitoring
  4. Pre- and Post-Transplant Desensitization Monitoring


The HLA Laboratory is open 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

For questions regarding services, testing or pricing provided by the HLA Laboratory, please call the Laboratory Supervisor at 401-453-8554 or contact us by email: HLA.Lab@ribc.org