Parentage Testing

Parentage testing is made up of DNA tests that help identify the characteristics you inherit from your parents. Each individual inherits half of his/her genes (DNA) from each parent. By comparing test results from a mother and child against those traits inherited from the biological father, we determine the likelihood of who is the father.

How accurate are Paternity Tests? Rhode Island Blood Center's testing routinely shows a possibility that the man being tested is the father or will prove, close to 100 percent, that the man tested is NOT the father of the child in question. These tests have been well established, accurate and are legally conclusive.

Parentage Testing can also be used for immigration as documentation of the relationship between a resident of the United States and a family member in a foreign country who wishes to emigrate. Parentage Testing (DNA Testing) is often required by the United States Department of Homeland Security and United States Embassies throughout the world to prove the stated relationship.

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