High School Hero Challenge

In 2003, the Rhode Island Blood Center started the High School Hero Challenge, targeting high school juniors and seniors. The goal of the program is to encourage high school students to become life-long blood donors. The High School Hero program educates, motivates and rewards students who donate blood three times within the school year at either their high school blood drive, at one of the Blood Center's fixed locations, or at a community blood drive.

All high schools that participate in the blood program are automatically entered into the High School Hero Challenge. The results are compiled throughout the school year and the Challenge winners are determined by the percentage of pints collected for the year in senior class size for each school.

The breakdown for each "division" is as follows: Division One, less than 150 seniors; Division Two; 150-250 seniors and Divisions Three; 250 or more seniors. In each division, the top three schools are recognized in the fall of the following year for their commitment.

2012 - Rhode Island High Blood Center Honors High Schools for Outstanding Performance

2012 High School Heroes More than 400 high school students, faculty and administrators from more than 50 high schools in Rhode Island, were recognized last night at an awards dinner hosted by the Rhode Island Blood Center at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick.

Blood Center officials told the gathering that in the 2011-2012 school year, high school blood drives accounted to 8,360 blood donation. Since each blood donation has the potential to save three lives, high school donor potential saved nearly 25,000 lives in the past year.

This was the eighth year of the high school hero program, and since its inception it has accounted for more than 52,000 blood donations.

2011 - Rhode Island High Blood Center Honors High Schools for Outstanding Performance

2011 High School Heroes The Rhode Island Blood Center's High School Hero Challenge, in its seventh year, recognizes schools for the amount of blood collected at high school drives and for their part in saving lives in the community.

Ed Cooley, the new Providence College basketball coach, praised students for their commitment to the community, and stressed the importance ofinvolvement in blood collection programs.

High school students and faculty from across Rhode Island collected 8,681 pints of blood in the 2010-2011 school year, representing nearly 9 percent of all blood collections in Rhode Island.

2010 - Rhode Island High Blood Center Honors High Schools for Outstanding Performance

2010 High School Heroes Several high schools in Rhode Island were honored today for literally saving the lives of thousands of individuals within our community.

Some 17 schools, their students and faculty, were recognized by the Rhode Island Blood Center for exemplary performances in hosting and running blood drives.

2009 - Rhode Island High School Students Saving Thousands of Lives

2009 High School Heroes Several High Schools in Rhode Island are being honored for their exemplary performances in hosting and running blood drives in which students, faculty and staff have literally saved thousands of lives. In the last five years, blood donations at high schools have increased by 67 percent.

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