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Community Lifeline Archives 2013

(December 2013 • Volume 12, No 4) Our Featured Story: 'Things like this don't happen to our family' At 39 Bob Van Winter was living the good life. A nice family, three young children, a wonderful wife, a beautiful home in Northern Rhode Island, working in a successful family business, playing golf, skeet shooting on weekends.
And when the doctors came in with a diagnosis of leukemia he knew they were mistaken. “Things like this don’t happen to our family,” he thought. “I had no sense of my own mortality.”

(September 2013 • Volume 12, No 3) Our Featured Story: Not Just Your Grandmother's Disease There was a time Mandy Zito says, when she and her husband were carefree, setting off on a six month cross-country road trip, or backpacking for a month through Europe.

(June 2013 • Volume 12, No 2) Featured Story: Melissa: 'We've come so far' When four-year-old Dorian Murray began treatment for several malignant tumors last April 19, he was given less than a 20 percent chance of survival. Diagnosed with a tumor on his calf, another around his hip, two on his spine and one on his chest, he would face intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments – and receive countless units of blood products.

(March 2013 • Volume 12, No 1) Print Shows Power to Transform The Spirit “The Breakthrough,” the power of water crashing into a rock lined shoreline, the strength, the spirit and the strange, if powerful connection it makes to blood donation – that same strength and spirit, conveyed from donor to recipient. So it is with this year’s Seasons’ Pass painting, magnificent oil by renowned artist Cindy Baron, the 10th print since the program began in 2003.

Community Lifeline Archives 2012

(December 2012 • Volume 11, No 4) A Perfect Match. This is Eli’s journey, and it’s one that could not have been made without the incredible generosity of blood donors, and a very special marrow donor. And it was Eli’s journey, a young boy from Rochester, NY that took center stage at the Rhode Island Blood Center’s annual dinner for its most frequent donors, sponsors and blood recipients.

(October 2012 • Volume 11, No 3) Featured Story: They Inspire Us. They have inspired us through their strength and determination, battling some of life’s most difficult challenges. And they have reminded us of the power that we have within us to heal, thanks to the miracle of blood and marrow donation.

(June 2012 • Volume 11, No 2) Rhode Island Blood Center Building State-of-the-Art Laboratory The Rhode Island Blood Center has started construction on a new state-of-the-art testing laboratory, adjacent to its main facility at 405 Promenade Street, Providence. The new laboratory, which will test all blood donations for the RIBC and many hospitals in Massachusetts, is the only one of its kind in New England.

(March 2012 • Volume 11, No 1) Rhode Island Blood Center Unveils Seasons' Pass Print; Introduces New Artist It seemed only natural that Kendra Bidwell Ferreira, this year’s Seasons’ Pass Artist, would choose the sea and the strength of America’s Cup Yachts as the focus for this year’s art. In it she sees the collective strength of blood donors who once helped her recover from cancer, and the challenge that every patient, every blood recipient, faces.

Community Lifeline Archives 2011

(December 2011 • Volume 10, No 4) An evening of hope and inspiration. The voices of more than 500 blood drive sponsors, donors and recipients softly sang “Over the Rainbow,” a song of hope, a belief that there is something great in the distance. It was one of many inspirational moments at the Rhode Island Blood Center’s October dinner, celebrating the power of blood donation, and thanking those who are both frequent sponsors and frequent donors.

(September 2011 • Volume 10, No 3) Featuring: A Mother's Story. For Jennifer Miner, hours have turned into days, days into weeks and weeks into months. Her daughter struggles for survival, something that doctors didn’t believe was possible when Grace was born at only 23 weeks, weighing less than a pound and a half.

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