Autologous/Therapuetic Donations

If your physician has instructed you to donate your own blood for your surgery, the Rhode Island Blood Center can help.

An Autologous donation must be prescribed by your physician. This prescription requests the specified number of units (pints of blood), the date of the surgery and the hospital where your operation/procedure will take place.

Once you've received the prescription, you should contact the Blood Centers Patient Services Department to set up your program and your donation appointments.

After donating, the Blood Center will process and transport your blood to the appropriate hospital where the operation/procedure is scheduled.

Upon admission to the hospital you will need to present the paperwork provided by The Rhode Island Blood Center to the nurse. This information will notify the hospital blood bank that you have been admitted and autologous blood is available for you if needed.

For more information about Autologous Donations, contact the Blood Center's Patient Services Department.